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Accurate Background Checks & Pre Employment Screenings By Cleves Research

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Hiring Global Professionals?

We get the information you need to make crucial hiring decisions and comply with your end-client contracts. Tell us what you need and we setup customized ordering codes to make repeat ordering a snap. Whether you hire USA or Global Professionals, we should be your background check company.

INDIA Background Checks

We are experts in India research, and we perform employment background checks with the highest standards and practices performed in our industry for both countries. If you hire India Professionals, we can help you.

Human Investigation Makes the Difference

We are a full service background investigation company. We anticipate candidate deception and cross check candidate provided information to flag you for areas of concern. We are a CRA and comply with the FCRA...and we are much, much more.

Different From Other Background Check Companies –
Providing Accurate Pre-Employment Screening & Background Checks

Obtaining an employment background check for a candidate has become an important part of the hiring process for companies and organizations all across the world. Pre-employment screening is probably the most tedious part of the hiring process, especially because a seemingly ideal candidate may turn out to be the opposite once the background check is complete. You may find that there are a number of pre-employment screening companies but we assure you that none have a process as thorough that ensures there are no surprises in your employee’s background.
The pre-employment background check conducted by Cleves Research is not a superficial process. We investigate your potential employees, working in close partnership with a number of reputable agencies such as Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics to give you dependable results. We follow through on any loopholes that allow incomplete background checks by researching aliases and confirming all information. Background check companies are not created equally. The process is extensive and many do not want to take all the necessary steps to provide you with a fully informed employment background check.
While our pre-employment screening is not simple, your signup process is. We handle all the messy information processing so that you get only results. We know the last thing companies want to deal with is a complicated pre-employment background check when they are focused on finding a candidate that can do the work. That’s why we, as opposed to other background check companies, take care to provide you with the information you need, rather than the complicated process.

anticipating candidate deception

Automatic Error Correction and Flagging Possible Identity Issues.

When a candidate fills out a release or job application there is a chance incorrect information will be provided intentionally (or in error.) We perform a cross-check to ensure the candidate is telling the truth about their identifying information and not trying to omit locations where criminal records may be filed. Criminal records are stored by legal name and Data of Birth; therefore, if the candidate misspells their name and it is not caught, a return of Clear of that search will occur when this person may have an actual case.

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why choose us? Our advantages

Diligent pre employment screening protects your company, your employees and your clients.

We are committed to limiting liability risk for our clients for the long term. We know our success is based on client success and our growth depends on providing excellent employment background checks. Become our client and you will soon see why our clients stay and prosper.

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