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Concerned about India background check data quality? We were, so we went to India, researched for many years and setup a background check investigation company in Bangalore.

The Quality of India Background Checks.

If your existing background check company is giving you a "clear" and little else detail as an India result, you should be expecting more for your money.

Available India Research

Research for employment screening in India is not only available, it is reliable and faster (and more comparable to USA) than you may expect.

The India Global Professional

The assumption a person which received a valid passport and visa to work in the USA has been thoroughly checked out and has a clear criminal record is a risky assumption to make.


Experts in Quality India Background Checks

With the job market in India growing, it’s no wonder that requests for background checks in India have increased as well. We treat an India background check with the same care and priority we do for our U.S. background checks. We know that wherever a company is hiring, it is important to have a reliable research source for employee background checks. Our system for obtaining a background check in India is the most thorough and efficient you will find anywhere. Our process includes a series of verifications for each step of the India background check. At Cleves Research we do not simply give you a paper that says “cleared” but rather give you details about all of the background check India data so that you can use all of the available information for your hiring process. In processing our background checks, India criminal court records are cross checked along with credit reports, conduct drug testing, and a number of other details.
We change our research methods for a background check in India accordingly. Instead of relying on social security numbers to cross check identification, we use the individuals PAN Card (Permanent Account Number) provided by the India Income Tax Department. If a PAN Card is not provided we use the passport to cross check information. In this way we can confirm identities and get you accurate information on the exact person you need. Cleves Research does not provide any room for misunderstandings or mistakes. You can be sure that our India background check is of the best quality, providing you with the best source of information. You will find that are background check India results are at the same quality level as those we conduct in the United States. Our experience and attention to detail conducting background checks extends to any part of the world, regardless of the difficulties encountered. The good part is that you will never have to worry about cumbersome details, so that you can focus solely on results.

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Quality Data is Great But Without Some Intelligence In Using It, Your Final Report is Compromised.

Research quality in itself is not enough. The Service surrounding it is what you can rely on to ensure the final report is excellent quality.

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An Account Representative will contact you during the account setup process and assist you in understanding your options. To ensure we meet your needs, here are the first couple of questions we will ask.

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